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The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has finally approved the 2016 Massachusetts Automobile Policy forms

As recently announced by the Automobile Insurers of Massachusetts (AIB), the Massachusetts Division of Insurance (DOI) has finally approved the 2016 Massachusetts Automobile Policy (MAP) forms. A significant number of changes from the 2008 policy are now in effect. The actual Policy form, as well as a detailed summary (memorandum) of changes are available at:


Included below is a snapshot of changes in the 2016 form, some of which were outlined in the December 2016 edition of the Tech Talk newsletter.

Snapshot of Changes:

  1. Definition and Agreement changes
    1. Compulsory Auto changes Part 1 Bodily Injury to Others: Adding exclusions, Punitive damages, Transportation network exclusion, Defense
    2. Part 2 PIP: Adding Exclusions, Transportation network exclusion, Racing
    3. Part 3: Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto: Adding exclusions, Transportation network exclusion, Racing, Restriction of when coverage applies,
    4. Changes to reduction of coverage to 35/80 discussion, Additional language added
  1. Part 4: Damage to Someone Else’s Property: Insuring agreement changes. Problems for when rent/borrow vehicles, Add’l language excluding damage/loss to rented/borrowed vehicles, Add’l language excluding diminution in value, Revised exclusion for transportation network, delivery, Add complete exclusion for racing
    1. Optional Coverages: General exclusion changes, Transportation network, Add racing exclusion for all optional coverages Part 5 Optional Bodily Injury: Add Punitive damages exclusion, Add defense exclusion, Modify delivery exclusion, Add exclusion for assumption of liability
    2. Part 6 Medical Payments: Add exclusions, DWI/felony/intentional injury, W/C
    3. Part 7, Collision, Part 8, Limited Collision, Part 9 Comprehensive: Add language regarding determining ACV, assumption of liability, towing/storing/recovery costs, modify exclusionary language for diminution in value
    4. Part 10 Substitute Transportation: Restrict length of time pay rental charges, Determination for any loss, Total loss to 7 days from offer
    5. Part 12 Bodily Injury by Underinsured Auto: Revises exclusions, Removes exclusions made generic optional
    6. General Exclusions and Conditions changes
    7. Cancellation changes