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Aronson Insurance Blog

Simple Plan For Disaster


A disaster can strike anywhere, anytime.  Usually, it strikes at the worst possible time.  Is your business prepared?

While large businesses have sophisticated, step-by-step plans, most small businesses have never even thought about it:  That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Even if your plan is only one page long, it’s worth the exercise.  If your building has no power – what should your employees do?  If there’s a fire, how do you contact our customers?  If there’s a flood, where do you meet?

Take a few hours to collect everyone’s contact information and distribute it to everyone who needs to know.  Discuss what steps you need to take if you’re location is destroyed or unavailable.  Do you have access to your customer files?  Do you have all of the IDs and Passwords stored in a safe and accessible place?

If the unthinkable happens … you’ll be glad you thought about it.