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Safe Driving: Prom & Graduation – a blog posting from a new high school graduate (and wonderful intern)

Safe Driving: Prom & Graduation – a blog posting from a new high school graduate (and wonderful intern)

As the summer is approaching us, two big events are on the minds of high school seniors. The events are Senior Prom and Graduation.

After a challenging and stressful four year career at high school, seniors finally get a chance to relax. With privileges such as prom, students are expected to make smart decisions. Schools are attempting to combat the ‘after parties’ by having their own drug-free and alcohol-free parties. A typical senior relies on their car or a friend’s car to travel from destination to destination. Please, make smart decisions. If you or your friends will be drinking, please do not drive afterwards. Plan ahead and have a designated driver or have parents come pick you up.

Driving under the influence accounts for thousands of deaths due to collisions, crashes, and fatalities.
• In 2004, more than 4500 teens were killed from driving under the influence.
• Teens are more vulnerable to have accidents, alcohol will increase their chances by 4x
• Out of all the deaths of 15-20 year olds, 40% was blamed on driving under the influence
• The cost of all the crashes in 2004 totaled to 40+ billion dollars
Please advise your kids if attending parties or events where alcohol will be served, that they should plan ahead and work out a plan to get there and back safely.

On a more cheery note, Graduation! Four years of hard work has finally paid off. You’re now ready to start your life after high school. What is one thing that a teen needs most? A Car. A lot of students receive their own cars as a graduation gift.

Please remember to update your insurance company if you do so! The Team at Aronson Insurance would gladly assist and register new vehicles.

James To is an intern at Aronson Insurance. He just graduated from Newton North High School and will be attending Boston University in the Fall.