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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Agent Serving Newton, Needham, Wellesley and all of Massachusetts

Each year thousands of homes and businesses are destroyed by flood damage. In fact, statistics indicate that more than 50% of floods occur in areas designated as having a low flood risk. (Read FEMA’s article urging New Englanders to purchase Flood Insurance.)

Many people assume incorrectly that a homeowner’s policy covers flood damage. When a claim occurs, and there is no Flood Insurance Policy, you are on your own for the clean-up and repair. This can easily exceed $100,000. Can you afford this type of loss without insurance coverage?

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When offering flood insurance, a common refrain from customers is “I don’t need it.” Either they don’t think they’re at risk, they mistakenly believe they’re already covered under their Homeowners policy or they don’t think flood insurance is worth the expense.

According to

  • Floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States
  • Everyone lives in a flood zone
  • Floods and flash floods happen in all fifty states
  • Homeowners insurance does not typically cover flood damage
  • Just one inch of water can cause significant and costly property damage is a great site, is easy to navigate, and has helpful interactive features. You can type in your address and learn your property’s flood risk. You can also get a ballpark figure on what flood insurance might cost.

We’ve all seen video of neighborhoods and communities literally underwater – even some that no one thought could flood. We’ve all heard homeowners upset and devastated because they didn’t have flood coverage. Do something now, before the water comes, to help protect your home