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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance Agent Serving Newton, Needham, Wellesley and all of Massachusetts

Earthquakes are a unique issue for homeowners, largely because they often happen with no warning. Other natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes give some warning to allow forpreparations, but an earthquake can happen in the blink of an eye. While you can’t plan for an earthquake, you can be prepared. To ensure that your assets and wellbeing are always protected, Aronson Insurance earthquake coverage can be a smart addition to your existing home or renter’s policy.

Some of the ways earthquake insurance can help you include:

If you are a homeowner

Adding earthquake coverage to your existing homeowner’s insurance gives you an extra layer of protection when you need it most. Earthquake coverage kicks in where your basic coverage ends and helps protect:

  • The home itself
  • Your garage or any other detached structures on your property
  • Fences, driveways, sidewalks, or other permanently installed fixtures
  • Personal property stored in or around your home

If you own a condo 

Much in the same way it adds a layer of protection to a homeowner, earthquake coverage can fill important gaps in your existing condo policy as well. It protects:

  • Your condo unit in accordance with your association’s rules
  • Permanently installed fixtures or kitchen appliances
  • Your personal property

Being prepared for the unexpected is a smart way to ensure that all you’ve worked hard for will be protected, no matter what happens. Curious about what earthquake coverage can do for you? Call the experts at Aronson Insurance today at 781-444-3050.