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Condo Insurance

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Whether you live there year-round or just for a season, owning a condominium offers a great living experience. Your area is personalized to your taste, (often including a nice view) without the building maintenance or yard work that is generally included with other types of properties. Due to the hazards in life as well as the close proximity to other units, it is just as important, to carry condo unit-owners insurance, as it is to have typical homeowners insurance.

 Maintain Proper Insurance, Regardless of Your Mortgage Status 

Some owners will drop or lower coverage once their mortgage is paid – this is a dangerous gamble. If an accident, such as a fire or flood, occurs in your unit and you are not covered, you could lose:

  • The cost of your personal belongings – furniture, clothing, electronics, and jewelry. Everything that you own that is damaged is simply a loss if you’re without coverage.
  • The cost to repair your condo. Paint, flooring, wiring, and beyond are your responsibility to repair without proper insurance. Your condo by-laws dictate who is responsible to insure exactly what building components.
  • Damages to surrounding units. The master policy for the condominium association may cover the cost of your damage to the main building and / or other units, but in return, you could be sued for the total cost.
  • Rentals/Hotel. While your condo is undergoing repairs, you’ll need somewhere to stay. If you must rely on a hotel or another rental arrangement, it could become costly, and you may have to pay for months.

What the Condo Association’s Master Policy Covers

There’s a chance that an incident involving your condo may be covered by the association’s policy, but this is generally not the case. A condo association’s insurance policy typically insures the building’s walls, roof, and plumbing outside of your unit, but not the individual units or modification within those units. Even in the event that damages to your home and/or neighboring units are covered, it will not insure your personal belongings or protect your liability.  Be sure to review and discuss your individual condo bylaws with your agent.

Trust Aronson Insurance to Help

We’ve been in business since 1919, and that means we have the experience to protect your family. We can match your coverage needs to the right policy. Our policies are surprisingly affordable, and for just cents on the dollar, we can insure you against a variety of accidents which will ensure that you get your life back to normal as soon as possible should you have an incident.

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