COVID-19 Notice - While our office remains open via phone call, we are currently working remotely. We are available at 781.444.3050 to assist you. If you do need to meet we are available by appointment by giving us a call. This will allow us to determine the appropriate steps to set up a meeting that is safe for all.

Not sure when to call your insurance agent?

Simply put, you can call us at any time, but more specifically, call us if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

1. Has the name of your business changed?
2. Has your mailing or physical address changed?
3. Are you negotiating a new lease?
4. Has the nature of your business changed?
5. Have you expanded your products or services?
6. Are you selling products under your label that was manufactured by others?
7. Have your revenues or operational costs increased or decreased by more than 10%?
8. Have you added staff?
9. Has your payroll changed by more than 10% since last year?
10. Are any of your employees traveling to foreign countries?
11. Are employees renting vehicles while traveling?
12. Have you chosen to have your products manufactured overseas?
13. Have you added or deleted any vehicles?
14. Has the use of your business automobiles changed?
15. Are you considering hiring any new drivers?
16. Are you using your website to generate sales?
17. Are you collecting payments over the internet?
18. Do you keep any personal – identifiable information of your customers or employees; i.e. credit card or bank info, license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers?
19. Have you received any complaints about products or services that could potentially become a claim in the future?
20. Have you added or changed any alarm/security systems?