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More Snow?! Oh No!!

New England Winters can brutal, to say the least! We see bone chilling temps, below zero wind chills, and the dreaded 4 letter word…..SNOW!

When we get the amounts of snow that has recently been dumped on us there are things we need to keep in mind when thinking about safety at home:

  • Keeping water away from your home is important. Be sure to clear out basement window wells to prevent melting snow from seeping in.
  • Create a barrier with packed snow around the window wells. This prevents water from running in.
  • Make sure downspouts run away from the home.
  • Remove snow from doorways to prevent water intrusion.
  • Clear the areas around air vents on heaters, exhaust pipes, dryers and furnaces.
  • Snow covered trees could result in broken branches that could damage the home.
  • Ensure that all drains and gutters are free of debris. Also, chip away any ice that may be preventing melting snow to seep through the drains.
  • Ice dams occur when quickly melting snow seeps under shingles. This can be prevented by removing snow with a roof rake or by hiring a roofing professional. Proper insulation of the attic will keep it cold and will reduce the affects of rapid melting.
  • DO NOT CLIMB ON THE ROOF to unblock vents! Use a ladder. Ensure the ladder is secure by having someone holding it steady. Also, NEVER stand on the top rung!
  • Icicles can be an indicator of issues with water drainage. They also pose a hazard to anyone below them. Knock them down before working under or near them.
  • Watch for unexpected flooding when the snow starts to melt. The ground will still be frozen, therefore, it will not be able to soak up much of the moisture.

Here’s to hoping that Springtime will arrive sooner than later!