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Low Mileage Discount

Download this form in PDF format

Please complete this form and return it to Aronson Insurance Agency within 10 days ONLY if your car(s) was driven LESS THAN 7,500 miles this past year.

Low Mileage Discount

This form will be used only for automobile insurance purposes. It is extremely important that all questions be answered completely and returned to your agent or company representative. Your failure to provide the information request may affect your eligibility for any discount or may result in the cancellation of your Policy.

  • Auto 1
  • Auto 2

  • Year and Make of Auto

  • Identification Number

  • Current Odometer Reading

  • Report the number of miles the auto was driven in the past twelve months
  • Mileage must be under 7500 for discount

    If the auto is used to commute all or part way to work or school, indicate:

  • Number of Days per Month

  • Number of Miles one way

  • Address where auto is parked during work or school hours.

  • Is the auto used in your business or occupation?
  • The information provided is accurate and complete.

  • Type Name