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How Many Ice Dam Deductibles?

ice-dams-on-roof1As the snow continues to melt and the days are getting longer we are slowly returning to normalcy here in New England. The recent slow melt and lack of significant precipitation has resulted in a best case scenario as it pertains to ice dams. The icicles have all but disappeared and we are starting to see roofs clear of snow and ice. In the past couple of days, we have been contacted by a number of policyholders inquiring about the application of homeowner deductibles and multiple occurrences.

Each claim is evaluated on case by case basis, consistent with the terms and provisions of the policy. As it specifically relates to a claim arising from ice damming, with resultant water damage, some insurance carriers will consider this a continuous event and will handle as one claim, applying one deductible to the loss. There is no need to report a subsequent claim for additional or supplemental interior water damage. Other insurance companies may take a different view.

Conclusion:  We apologize that there is no single answer that will fit all claims.  There is no absolute “yes” or “no”.  It will truly depend on your particular circumstances , but rest assured that we are here to help and advocate on your behalf, so please call us if you need any assistance.

As always, please feel free to contact your Aronson Insurance account manager with any questions or concerns.



Steven J. Aronson, CIC

Aronson Insurance