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Happy Summer

Happy First Day of Summer!

After this dreary weather of on and off rain and drought, a nice change in hot summer weather sounds great. With summer, there are also a few precautionary measures to take in order to stay safe. The Sun will be blazing and that means that it is time to start digging through your closets to find your sunblock and sunscreens.

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States? One of the main causes is over exposure to sun. SPF (Sunscreen protection factor) – the higher the number, the more UVB rays are blocked.
Also take precaution towards mosquitos!

This year, the mosquitos will be lurking around so make your to protect yourself. Wear insect repellents and such for protection.

Some fun facts about mosquitos:
• A mosquito lays eggs in stagnant and still water- make sure to empty all containers and such things that hold rain water
• A female mosquito consumed about 5-millionths of a liter of blood every bite (Males do not bite)
• Mosquitos can notice you from 60-75 feet away (They smell the carbon dioxide)
• The most human deaths by an animal/insect is said to be caused by the mosquito- giving it the title as the deadliest animal on Earth
• An adult mosquito lives for about 5-6 months

Aside from these precautions, we, at Aronson Insurance, hope you have a great summer, whether you are on vacation or staying home!

James To is an intern at Aronson Insurance. He just graduated from Newton North High School and will be attending Boston University in the Fall.