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Business Insurance

E-policy retrieval

Since Aronson Insurance is always adapting to make things better for our clients and community, we have begun electronic distribution of business insurance policies. Recognizing the need for privacy, distribution will not be via regular email, but will use the secure distribution tools of “YouSendIt”.

Why e-Policy?
1. Greener – we are saving natural resources
2. Speed – no waiting for the mailman to deliver the envelope
3. Easier to find – store the e-Policy on your computer (local/network/cloud drive) so you can find it if you ever need to see it (Aronson Insurance will store a copy for at least 7 years)

Why YouSendIt?
1. Security – Only the policyholder (the recipient of the email from Aronson) can access the e-Policy
2. Ease of use

  • Clients do not need to create an account, UserID or Password
  • e-Policies will be in the easy-to-use PDF format; Clients who don’t already have a program to open .pdf documents can download the free Adobe Reader from
  • e-Policy files are easy to store wherever the policyholder chooses, whether on the local hard drive (c:\MyDocuments\InsurancePolicies) or in the cloud (Suggestion: Dropbox)
  • 3. Options – Although we do not recommend it, policyholders can always print the policy

If your business IT security rules/systems do not allow you to access the YouSendIt site, alternative distribution can be arranged. If this is the case, you might ask your IT department to allow access to YouSendIt before we look for an alternative. For more information about YouSendIt’s security and how to retrieve files, please visit