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Auto Theft Prevention

July 24 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau has published its annual report examining motor vehicle theft for Massachusetts. Of note is the fact that not only are older cars being stolen, but newer cars with factory anti-theft protection are also on the list. The first line of defense is the consumer / owner. Their actions […]

Progressive Settles Class-Action Suit In Massachusetts

According to an article by Patrick Johnson in The Republican / Masslive , two Springfield law firms have settled a federal class-action lawsuit against Progressive Direct that has the potential to pay out more than $8 million to 4,300 Massachusetts residents in an ongoing dispute over Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. The two law firms […]

Needham office closing Early 12/17

The Needham office will be closing at 1:30 today. If you should need any assistance, you may contact the Sharon office at 781-444-3050. Thank you!

Toyota To Have Self-Driving Cars On The Road By 2020

Toyota is accelerating the rollout of their autonomous-drive technology with hope to have vehicles on the road by 202 using it. Check out the article regarding this fascinating, up and coming, technology.

Guide to Data Security

Agency president Steve Aronson is Chairman of the IIABA’s ACT working group that created a great, brief Pocket Guide to Data Security for small businesses. Easy to read – a must for all small businesses to follow. Please pay attention before you have a data breach!

Steven Aronson Joins Board of Directors of ID Federation

Steve Aronson, President of Aronson Insurance, has joined the board of directors of ID Federation, a coalition dedicated to improving data security in the insurance industry. An agency technology leader and advocate for over 25 years, Steve has held committee and leadership positions with insurance industry users groups including NetVU, AUGIE (ACORD User Groups Information […]

Massachusetts Senate Removes Surcharge From Headlights Law

Massachusetts Senate voted to join the House in lessening the impact of the new law of requiring motorists to turn on their headlights whenever operating their windshield wipers. Under a state budget amendment unanimously approved by senators, anyone violating the law will not be subject to a surcharge on their auto insurance premiums. The law itself will […]

Questions/Answers Regarding Homeowner Claims due to 2015 Storm Damage.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding claims due to damage from this year’s winter.  As always, please feel free to call our office if you have questions!   Q: My home has been damaged, is it covered? Should I file a claim? Will my rates go up? Will I be canceled for […]

How Many Ice Dam Deductibles?

As the snow continues to melt and the days are getting longer we are slowly returning to normalcy here in New England. The recent slow melt and lack of significant precipitation has resulted in a best case scenario as it pertains to ice dams. The icicles have all but disappeared and we are starting to […]

Steps to Protect your Home from Snow and Ice

Check out the following segment from Channel 5’s news last night on how to protect your home! There’s a brief segment from our offices in Needham and Kevin Giovanucci! Stay Safe!