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Articles/White Papers

The Rising Risk Of Sexual Orientation Discrimination: What Steps Should You Take?

Employers are continually challenged to always do the right thing.  Societal changes are complicating what “the right thing” means.  Read this well written article from ChubbWorks to learn more and hopefully protect your business from employment related claims and lawsuits.  

Rental Car Realities – Quincy Mutual Article

Rental Car Realities   No one ever expects to be in an accident. No one ever thinks they are going to need a rental vehicle. But when it does happen everyone needs a rental! Suddenly, saving a few bucks isn’t such a smart idea. While the laws have not changed, the way in which many […]

Agency president Steve Aronson, announces Vertafore’s Certification to use the new standards

Agency president Steve Aronson, member of the ID Federation board of directors announces Vertafore’s Certification to use the new standards. This is expected to improve agency cyber security and streamline workflows. Aronson Insurance, partnering with The Hartford,  was the first local insurance agency in the country to use the new technology. For the full story:

“Q&A” for the 55,000 Policyholders Affected By Long-Term Care Rate Increase

DOI Issues A “Q&A” For The 55,000 Policyholders Affected By Long-Term Care Rate Increase Approvals Of Up To 40%

Data Security

2015 was another banner year for the Hackers. Since this report only accounts for those events that were officially reported, who knows how many 1,000’s more actually took place. There were 3930 incidents reported during 2015 exposing 736 million records.  Four Hacking incidents alone exposed a combined 237.8 million records. Click here to read the […]

Attention Entrepreneurs!

Steve Aronson, agency President, on why our sponsorship of EO Boston has been so successful.  If you’re an entrepreneur, looking to grow your business, check out what EO Boston can do for you.  If you’re a successful individual or business owner, check out what Aronson Insurance can do help you protect what you’ve worked so hard […]

Please, No More Ice Dams!

Its hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. Last winter was one for the record books, but not one that we’d like to remember! Arbella Insurance has provided us with some useful tips to help with preventing those horrible ice dams before the first flake hits the ground and after.   CLICK HERE to read […]

Toyota To Have Self-Driving Cars On The Road By 2020

Toyota is accelerating the rollout of their autonomous-drive technology with hope to have vehicles on the road by 202 using it. Check out the article regarding this fascinating, up and coming, technology.

5 Ways to Mitigate Workers Comp Fraud and Reduce Costs

Don’t get caught in a situation that allows a Workers Compensation claim to be filed! Here are 5 innovative ways you may want to implement to prevent one from happening:

Guide to Data Security

Agency president Steve Aronson is Chairman of the IIABA’s ACT working group that created a great, brief Pocket Guide to Data Security for small businesses. Easy to read – a must for all small businesses to follow. Please pay attention before you have a data breach!