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Crime & Fidelity Insurance


Public, private, and even non-profit businesses are susceptible to circumstances that can decimate revenue.

Organizations large and small alike must worry about forgery, funds transfer, credit card, and computer fraud, as well as employee theft, and social engineering fraud.
In fact, U.S companies lose as much as, on average, 7% of their annual revenue to fraud.
Crime & Fidelity Insurance helps prevent this risk from threatening your business.
Aronson Insurance will work with your team and find risk avoidance solutions and insurance plans that will work with both your company’s goals and its budget.

Contact Aronson Insurance for Solutions

Your business can never be too well protected from crime and fraud. Even if you have a policy in place that you think will protect you from errors in oversight, employee theft or other business-threatening circumstances, it’s important to speak to an insurance professional to discuss risk mitigation options.
Our expert team has extensive experience in risk protection / prevention with businesses of all sizes.

Below are some of the threats Aronson Insurance can help you mitigate:

  • Loss of securities and money
  • Employee theft
  • Cyber/Computer and credit card fraud
  • Loss from forgery or alteration
  • The new one … Social engineering fraud.

Call Aronson Insurance at 781-444-3050 today to discuss your business insurance questions, and let us partner with you to provide the proper coverage for your business.