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Commercial Surety Bonds


A Surety Bond is designed to guarantee the performance of one party when posed with a specific set of risks or tasks to accomplish. No two surety bonds are alike however; each must be custom tailored to the specific needs of the parties in question.

In broad terms, a surety bond is an agreement in which one party, the guarantor, guarantees to another party, that their insured will fulfill their obligations.

Surety bonds are required by law for many businesses, and Aronson Insurance is proud to cover a range of commercial bonding needs, including:

Auctioneer Surety Bonds Motor Vehicle Repair Shop Bond Public Warehouseman Bond
Collection Agency Surety Bonds New Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond Real Estate Broker Bond
Electronic Vehicle Registration Permit Bonds Patient Trust Surety Bond Sidewalk Bond
Employment Agency Surety Bonds Patient Trust Surety Bond Sidewalk Bond
Excess Deposit Guarantee Bonds Private Detective Bond Transient Vendor’s License Bond
Excise Tax Bond Private Occupational School Bond Travel Agency
Farm/Winery License Bond Process Server Bond Turnpike Authority Surety Bond
Mortgage Broker Surety Bond Professional Solicitor Surety Bond Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond


Please note that surety bonds are only available for clients who place their general business insurance (property, liability, auto) with Aronson Insurance.Our commercial surety bonds are here to protect your business and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Most are ready the same day.

Call Aronson Insurance today at 781.444.3050 if you have any questions about our surety bond options.