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Auto Theft Prevention

Published August 24, 2016

Auto Theft Prevention in Massachusetts

National Insurance Crime Bureau has published its annual report examining motor vehicle theft for Massachusetts.

Of note is the fact that not only are older cars being stolen, but newer cars with factory anti-theft protection are also on the list.

The first line of defense is the consumer / owner. Their actions can go a long way toward theft prevention.

Some of the things that the owner may do are:

  1. Lock your car and take your keys:

    Many thefts occur because owners make it easy for thieves to steal their cars.

  2. Have or Install an Audible and Visual Alert:

    Many manufacturers provide a flashing light in the dash, and a horn sounds during a break-in. Some aftermarket security systems provide flashing LED lights to show that a system is active, and also include pre-warning tones when a suspect gets too close to the vehicle, or provides enough motion or impact to disturb the car.

  3. Immobilizing Device:

    Many vehicles today have “Smart Keys” or other forms of ignition kill systems. For older cars that do not have these safety features, they can be easily added with an aftermarket security system.

  4. Common Sense:

    Always take note of your surroundings when you park your car. If there is a spot open under a street light, park under it, even if it means walking a few more steps. If you park in your driveway, install motion controlled spot lights, and even camera systems. If the lights don’t scare the criminals away, the camera may get a picture for the police and your neighbors.

 The Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in the Massachusetts in 2015

The following are the vehicles that were stolen the most in Massachusetts during 2015.

2009 Honda Civic – 426

1997 Honda Accord – 402

2014 Toyota Camry – 260

2010 Toyota Corolla – 203

2005 Dodge Caravan – 188

2004 Ford Pickup (Full Size) – 178

2005 Nissan Altima – 156

1999 Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee –  143

1999 Honda CR-V – 107

2015 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size) – 95