It has been 6 months since OSHA issued its’ new “Reasonable Reporting Procedure” Rule. This regulation impacts both “blanket” post-accident drug testing policies and “reporting of accident” policies. Yet, there are many organizations that are still not aware of this requirement.

OSHA’s “Reasonable Reporting Procedure” Rule – Are You In Compliance? It has been 6 months since OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) issued its’ “Reasonable Reporting Procedure” Rule {Regulation 1904.35(b)(1)(i)}. This regulation impacts both “blanket” post-accident drug testing policies and “reporting of accident” policies, yet there are many organizations that are still not aware of […]

Rental Car Realities – Quincy Mutual Article

Rental Car Realities   No one ever expects to be in an accident. No one ever thinks they are going to need a rental vehicle. But when it does happen everyone needs a rental! Suddenly, saving a few bucks isn’t such a smart idea. While the laws have not changed, the way in which many […]

Agency president Steve Aronson, member of the ID Federation board of directors announces Vertafore’s Certification to use the new standards

Agency president Steve Aronson, member of the ID Federation board of directors announces Vertafore’s Certification to use the new standards. This is expected to improve agency cyber security and streamline workflows. Aronson Insurance, partnering with The Hartford,  was the first local insurance agency in the country to use the new technology. For the full story:

Steven invites you to join him on this Webinar Series on How To Use Technology to Increase Revenue & Reduce Expenses Steve Anderson, Steve Aronson & Jake Finnell will be discussing how to use technology to increase revenue and reduce expenses. With 30+ years experience in the insurance community, Steve Anderson educates insurance agents on how to use technology to increase revenue and reduce expenses. Steve is one of the industry’s top technology consultants and speakers, […]

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has finally approved the 2016 Massachusetts Automobile Policy forms

As recently announced by the Automobile Insurers of Massachusetts (AIB), the Massachusetts Division of Insurance (DOI) has finally approved the 2016 Massachusetts Automobile Policy (MAP) forms. A significant number of changes from the 2008 policy are now in effect. The actual Policy form, as well as a detailed summary (memorandum) of changes are available at: […]

“Q&A” for the 55,000 Policyholders Affected By Long-Term Care Rate Increase

DOI Issues A “Q&A” For The 55,000 Policyholders Affected By Long-Term Care Rate Increase Approvals Of Up To 40%

Data Security

2015 was another banner year for the Hackers. Since this report only accounts for those events that were officially reported, who knows how many 1,000’s more actually took place. There were 3930 incidents reported during 2015 exposing 736 million records.  Four Hacking incidents alone exposed a combined 237.8 million records. Click here to read the […]

Attention Entrepreneurs!

Steve Aronson, agency President, on why our sponsorship of EO Boston has been so successful.  If you’re an entrepreneur, looking to grow your business, check out what EO Boston can do for you.  If you’re a successful individual or business owner, check out what Aronson Insurance can do help you protect what you’ve worked so hard […]

Tax Time Is Malware Time

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the tax season to launch a variety of scams aimed at gathering your data. Cyberattack experts recently discovered a new phishing campaign that sends a fraudulent email disguised as a legitimate refund message from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The email’s subject line says “Payment for tax refund #00 [then […]

UBER/lyft Drivers- BEWARE!

Ride hailing services continue to grow.  General Motors recently invested $500 million in Lyft, and, today bought the remains of Sidecar.  While many people like the services provided, the insurance industry continues to struggle with coverage vs. no coverage.  The standard Massachusetts personal auto insurance policy does not provide ANY coverage while your car is […]

Angel Flight NE

On November 20th, we were proud to attend the annual Evening of Angels dinner and fundraiser of Angel Flight NE. Good friend and client Jamie Mitchel is one of the “angel” pilots who donates his time, energy and airplane so patients in need can get to the lifesaving medical care that they so desperately need. […]

Internet Explorer Users – Critical Update Needed

As of January 12, 2016 Microsoft will be doing away with patches that protect users from “drive-by” downloads and other browser vulnerabilities. Users must upgrade to a newer browser before the patches go away. Almost every month Internet Explorer continues to be one of the most likely targets of hackers and attackers. CLICK HERE to read […]

Another Proud Sponsor

Aronson Insurance is proud to be a sponsor of the Melanoma Foundation of New England’s 20th “Shades of Hope” event at the Four Seasons on November 20th. Thanks to friend and client, Dr. Lisa Cohen, for her strong leadership at MFNE. This year, “Shades of Hope” was emceed by WCVB’s award-winning Anchor and reporter Phil Lipof. […]

Restaurants and Retailers Beware : EMV Chip Credit Cards

Up until the introduction of the EMV chip cards on October 1, 2015, fraudulent transactions could be made from the black magnetic strip on the back of credit cards. Information stored on the magnetic strip never changes. Because of this, the credit card companies would be responsible for reimbursement of any fraudulent activity. Now, liability has been […]

Are Your Employees Trustworthy?

Only trusted employees can steal from you. Small business owners need to trust our key staff with the keys to the castle. But, things happen, and they may do stupid things – like share your profits without asking. Trust – but verify. Run Reports. Look carefully at bank statements at least once per quarter. Take […]

Please, No More Ice Dams!

Its hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. Last winter was one for the record books, but not one that we’d like to remember! Arbella Insurance has provided us with some useful tips to help with preventing those horrible ice dams before the first flake hits the ground and after.   CLICK HERE to read […]

Distractology 101

Recently, at Newton North High School, students participated in an interactive program developed by Arbella Insurance. This program teaches new drivers the dangers of distracted driving. We were happy to have been given the opportunity to sponsor this program this year.

Distractology Comes to Newton North High School 10/6-10/10

Aronson Insurance will be bringing the Distractology 101 tour to Newton North High School from October 6th – October 10th. This is an interactive program developed by the Arbella Insuranc Foundation to teach drivers the dangers of distracted driving. To read more about this program Click Here.

Identity Theft On The Rise

Identity theft is a growing problem.  Despite better education, and careful surfing on the internet, well-meaning people are scammed every day.  Check out this great Q&A interview with famous con artist Frank Abagnale.  He’s the guy they modeled in the Leonardo DeCaprio/Martin Scorsese movie “Catch Me If You Can”.  Thanks to AARP for putting this […]

We Have Earned Another Award!

    The Aronson Team has earned yet another award! We were presented with the Hometown Best Readers’ Choice Award for 2015! Thank you to all of our clients that took the time to vote for us!

5 Ways to Mitigate Workers Comp Fraud and Reduce Costs

Don’t get caught in a situation that allows a Workers Compensation claim to be filed! Here are 5 innovative ways you may want to implement to prevent one from happening:

Alleged False Posts On Social Media – Am I covered?

Is my allegedly false Tweet or Facebook post covered by my Homeowners Policy?Maybe…  While there are many factors that help determine whether or not coverage applies to any claim, you need to have the coverage to even ask for the details.  In short – a “plain” Homeowners policy will not cover you (or your kids) […]

Are They an Employee or and Independent Contractor?

  The US Department of Labor’s ne 6-prong test – is she an employee, or an independent contractor? This article and the link to the DOL’s 6-prong test will help you make the right decisions.

Part of the Aronson Difference

Aronson Insurance Agency continues to receive the Five Star Designation: Award of Distinction from the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA).Aronson is 1 of 28 agencies in the state to achieve this award! In order to achieve this award agencies are required to complete a review which examines an agency’s key imperatives which includes: Customer […]

We Did It Again!

        For our 13th year in a row Aronson Insurance Agency has been awarded the 2015 Readers Choice Awards #1 choice for both our Needham and Newton locations! We have also been awarded the 2015 Regional Silver Award for being a regional favorite in the industry! Way to go, Aronson Team!                       Click here […]

Should Your Business Be Using Cloud Strategy?

Cloud computing and storage have sneaked into small businesses in the form of Google Apps and Office 365, along with quite a few file-sharing and storage sites like Dropbox,, Google Drive, and OneDrive.  These “Shadow IT” solutions are being used by professionals and small businesses on a small ad hoc basis to answer specific […]

Kudos to the Aronson Team

Kudos to the Aronson team!! We’ve recently received a wonderful compliment from another satisfied customer! Their comments …  Dear Aronson Team, We are so appreciative of your support, advice, and encouragement during the past months as we engaged with Safety Insurance to cover repairs to our house from this winter’s damage.  While are grateful and […]

Chubb To Be Acquired by ACE

On July 1st it was announced that ACE Ltd. (ACE) will acquire Chubb Insurance (CB) in 2016. This transaction brings together two insurance companies with complementary capabilities, assets and geographic footprints. This is especially great news for you, our clients, as the combined company will be financially stronger, with an enhanced global presence, a wider […]

Thanks Dad!

Aronson Insurance is fortunate to be a 3rd generation, very successful business. We’re approaching 100 years of serving our clients with great customer service. While Bunny & I have succeeded at growing the firm – we have our Dad, Norman to thank. He provided us with a small about solid business foundation. More importantly, he had […]

Driving While Distracted

Distracted driving has become the latest epidemic in the U.S. In 2013 3,154 people were killed and close to half a million were injured related to distracted driving! Drivers in their 20’s make up 27% of all distracted driving fatalities. Studies show that driving while distracted is equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol level […]

Your Ice Dam Claims – Some Advice

Agency President, Steven Aronson, was recently featured in the Fairway Mortgage monthly newsletter. The story is titled “Post Snowpocalypse Insurance Claims. ” He shared information that we thought would be helpful for others to know. To read the article click here.

Preventing Mulch Fires

With gardening and landscaping season underway, it is a common practice to use mulch to prevent weeds from growing. The most common type of mulch is made of wood product which is combustible. In MA, several fires have caused millions of dollars of damage to property. In some cases, there could have been loss of […]

Chubb Earns Top Marks in Claims Satisfaction Survey

  We are pleased to share that Chubb was ranked as the highest quality provider of primary Business Insurance and the second highest quality provider of Property Claims service in the 2015 Advisen Claims Satisfaction Survey. The survey of 544 risk manager and broker respondents evaluated a variety of claims handling best practices. We are […]

Living Too Long?

The U.S. has more centenarians than anywhere else in the world, with 18 per 100,000, according to the Census Bureau (2010).  And it’s creating nightmares about end of life care. John Shoven of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research points out that you cannot finance a 30-year retirement with a 40-year career. But as […]

Life Insurance…More Important Than Just a Death Benefit

Too many people assume that once you retire and your children have grown you can eliminate life insurance. Just the opposite is true. Life insurance can, and should, play a key role in your overall retirement planning. Why is it that life insurance is the only form of insurance protection that people think they can drop […]

Fine Art Coverage

Collectors of Fine Arts need to protect their precious collections. But, even with the best systems in place, “stuff” can still happen.  With all due respect, most insurance companies are simply not qualified to properly cover valuable collections.  The clear leader in this field is Chubb.  They are the only insurance company with a separate […]

Break-Ins On The Rise

In recent weeks there have been many break-ins reported in the area. Many of these are due to owners leaving their cars unlocked.  Even worse – sometimes, the cars have had house keys in them, allowing the perpetrator to let themselves into the homes … even while the owners are sleeping!  Lock your cars – please. Check […]

It’s Time to File Your Ice Dam Claims

Many of us have had damage to our homes due to the brutal winter we have just experienced. If you have damage, and you have yet to file a claim, you’ll want to do it now. Waiting any longer could result in the serious growth of mildew, or the claim could  be denied due to late […]

Are You Using Your Windshield Wipers?

It’s raining today! I’m using my windshield wipers. The new MA law REQUIRES you to use your headlights whenever you use your wipers. Check out our very own Kevin Giovanucci explaining the new law on Channel 5 News:  

State Helps Small Businesses

Recognizing the hardships small businesses throughout the state have faced due to the unprecedented snowfall this winter, Governor Charlie Baker has announced that the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) has approved a snow storm loan fund. This fund has been established to assist small businesses regain financial stability and recover from lost storm revenue. MGCC will […]

What’s That Noise?!

Have you heard unusual loud noises in the middle of the night? The jarring frost quakes have people around New England asking, “What was that?”. Sandra, from Framingham, began to search her attic after she heard a series of loud thuds that woke her up through the night. She said “It sounded like somebody dropped […]

More Snow?! Oh No!!

      New England Winters can brutal, to say the least! We see bone chilling temps, below zero wind chills, and the dreaded 4 letter word…..SNOW! When we get the amounts of snow that has recently been dumped on us there are things we need to keep in mind when thinking about safety at home: […]

Are Left-Hand Turns More Accident Prone?

  Left-hand turns are known to be somewhat tricky. Each year they are responsible for almost 31% of all reported accidents! By taking extra precautions while making left-hand turns we can eliminate some unnecessary, and sometimes tragic, accidents. Click on the attached graphic that outlines where mistakes are made and how we can all drive a […]

Condo Loss Assessment

Personal Condominium Unit-Owner’s insurance is more complicated than most people think.  It’s not simply an Apartment policy on steroids.  Loss Assessment coverage may be the most challenging to understand.  Check out the attached cartoon and speak with an Aronson Insurance agent about your policy today.    

Homeowners Tips to Surviving a New England Winter

Winter months in New England can be tough, very tough! Not only do we have the burden of unpredictable weather, but we also have to worry about protecting our homes from numerous, preventable, problems. These problems include heating related fires, ice dams and burst pipes. Here are some helpful, pictorial hints on how you can save your […]

Avoid Those Frozen Pipes!!

  Broken pipes occur regularly during the Winter. When homeowners go away for a week or long weekend, if the goes out, pipes freeze, the water runs for hours flooding the home. That is one heck of a mess to come home to! Here are our top recommendations to prevent this terrible situation: 1. Consider […]

Disaster Planning – What Would You Do If…….

If a Fire, Flood, Data Breach or Hard Drive Crash were to happen, would you know what to do? At some point, something will go wrong.  The better prepared you are, the more quickly you can recover, the less downtime you’ll have and the less revenue you’ll lose!  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Even a basic plan […]

Let’s Talk Business Cloud Services Today

Thinking of getting rid of your Microsoft server and using the cloud? While it is initially a scary thought, experts seem to agree that the cloud is ready for us but, are we ready for the cloud?  One of the key reasons many businesses are using the cloud service is to centralize document storage for e-mail, […]

Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Do you have holiday travel plans? Here are some helpful hints to avoid any unfortunate situations while you are away: –    Have a neighbor check your house every couple of days to make sure the heat is working properly. –     Make sure a neighbor knows where the water shut off is. Should a pipe break, the water will […]

Room To Dream Foundation – Colby’s Project

We’re happy to continue our support of the Room To Dream Foundation.  Check out this great story about how they helped another child with a room to dream … Click here to read about Colby’s Project

Another Raving Fan!

Lisa Shapiro, Becca Preto, and the entire team at Aronson Insurance offer extraordinary customer service for automobile claims.  Aronson’s team is timely, accurate, and precise with all claims and billing. I greatly appreciate their excellent service and recommend them highly!   Michelle Q-D, Brookline

Pruning Potential Problems

Pruning Potential Problems With unexpected and damaging storms, like last week’s crushing Nor’Easter we are reminded to revisit the potential safety hazards that trees and their limbs pose to our homes, properties and belongings. Not only are we threatened from above, by falling trees and limbs, but from below with uprooted trees whose extensive root […]

Simple Plan For Disaster

Simple Plan For Disaster A disaster can strike anywhere, anytime.  Usually, it strikes at the worst possible time.  Is your business prepared? While large businesses have sophisticated, step-by-step plans, most small businesses have never even thought about it:  That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Even if your plan is only one page long, it’s worth […]

Useful Business Books

There are hundreds, if not thousands of good business books out there. Every once in a while, we come across one that is both easy to read AND provides useful information for small business owners. Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard is such a book. Agency President, Steve Aronson, was featured in a recent publication from […]

Keep Your Home & Family Safe This July 4th

Homeowners and families across the country are getting ready to celebrate July 4th! But, before the celebrations begin, make sure to take some precautions to protect your home and family: Fireworks Safety Each year there are many accidents related to backyard fireworks, which are illegal to buy, sell or possess here in Massachusetts. According to […]

Planning a Summer Vacation? Helpful tips to keep in mind

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy life, but don’t forget about your home back home. Have you done anything to ensure your vacant home is safe from burglars? We’ve compiled some helpful suggestions to keep your home out of harms way, thanks to “Risk Conversation”: Make your home look as lived in as […]

“Safety Savvy” In The Summer

Homeowners guide to staying safe in the summer:  

Summer Tips

Happy Fathers Day + Grill Safety Tips

Wishing all of the dad’s out there a very Happy Fathers Day. Since most dad’s (and mom’s) we know love to BBQ in the summer, here are some grill safety tips, courtesy of one of our insurance partners, Travelers Insurance. Americans enjoy more than three billion barbecues each year. But barbecuing can be dangerous, even […]

Congratulations Class of 2014

Aronson Insurance would like to congratulate Needham High’s Class of 2014!  We wish you all continued success and happiness in wherever life takes you! In this happy and joyous times, we want to remind you to be safe and make smart decisions. Don’t forget to come visit your friends at Aronson Insurance!

Driving tips for a wonderful, SAFE and fun Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and we are so excited! However, Memorial Weekend proves to be one of the deadliest times of year on the road, as hundreds of Americans die as a result of alcohol-related car crashes. In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 387 people died in crashes […]

Spring Time = Check Your Sump Pump Time

With all of the rain, it is so very important to test your sump pump to be sure it is working correctly. All you have to do is pour water into the sump pit until the sump float is lifted high enough to engage the pump. If the sump pump does not power, then the […]

The Do’s & Don’ts of Checking Applicants Social Media

Chubb recently posted an article on the do’s and don’ts of checking job applicants social media with regards to hiring solutions and we wanted to share. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently invited industry experts to participate in a meeting to discuss equal opportunity employment laws and the use of social media in the […]

Vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) All Versions

Due to the recent discovery of a security flaw found in all versions (6,8,9,10, and 11) of Internet Explorer, both the US and UK governments have published advisories suggesting that users either follow Microsoft’s mitigation instructions as described in Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983 or utilize a different browser until the vulnerability has been patched.  This unusual action should be noted as […]

The Dangers of Texting While Walking

Have you ever thought about the dangers of texting while walking?  It’s a real danger!  An emergency medicine physician says that nearly 10% of pedestrian injuries in the US are related to cell phone use. In fact, there are more injuries sustained per mile from texting and walking than from texting and driving – although […]

Preparing for Spring Storms

As we’ve been feeling all week, spring is just around the corner!  While that means good weather (hopefully), it also means Spring Showers/ unpredictable and sometimes severe weather . Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms, and high winds can all be dangerous for our property and to ourselves. Although we can’t prevent these storms from happening, there are […]

Boston Strong

For nearly 100 years, Aronson Insurance has been a part of the Boston community and we couldn’t be prouder to call Boston home!  This past year has tested our strength as a community and through this year of healing, Boston has never been stronger.  Below is a collection of some of our favorite quotes from […]

Want to be an Uber driver?

While driving your own car for a service like Uber may be a way to earn some (extra) income, you need to be aware that your personal auto insurance policy may not cover you!  While there is no “Uber” exclusion in your policy, there is a coverage exclusion for using your car as a ‘public […]

Heartbleed – what you need to know

Have you heard about Heartbleed? Do you know what it is and how it can affect you? Earlier this week, a bug was discovered in an encryption tool used by roughly two-thirds of all websites.   The vulnerability, called “Heartbleed”, allows attackers to intercept and read what would normally be encrypted data changes and to directly […]

**Client Testimonial**

We recently received a raving testimonial from a client after a claim and we just had to share! She shares the importance of not just buying insurance on price, but working with an agent, like Aronson, who takes the time to explain the importance of the coverages as well as the differences between insurance companies […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month so this is a great time to remind everyone about the importance of safe driving.  Thousands of people die each year because they are distracted while driving – in 2012, 3,328 were killed in distracted driving crashes.  In 2010, Governor Patrick signed The Safe Driving Law, banning sending, typing […]

Flood Safety Awareness Week: Are You Prepared?

This week is flood safety awareness week and we’d like to use this as an opportunity to make sure you are prepared.  For starters, have you and your family talked about what to do in the event of a natural disaster, like a flood? What’s a Flash Flood? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) […]


When we say that our clients are like family, we mean it.  Many of our clients do incredible things every day and we love to talk about it!  So, we’d like to introduce you to husband and wife duo Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman.  These two are making a real difference – It’s called State Bags […]

When to call your insurance agent…

ABC’s about when to call your insurance agent: A new or additional vehicle Before buying a home or updating your home Before changing your relationship status TO or FROM married Before you buy or sell a business Birth a new child Before you buy a piece of jewelry, ATV or snowmobile Before starting a business […]

Tips for Writing Better Emails

While we usually write insurance related blogs, we decided to share some tips that are relevant to all of our clients: ways to write better emails.  Steve Anderson recently wrote a blog as part of his “Tech Tips” on “Seven Ways to Write Better Emails”. Here they are: 1. Include only one request per email. […]

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Do you feel like winter is never going to end??? We do!  Here are some tips for safe driving this winter (from Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you. Brake […]

Cyber Liability Insurance – why it's important

Can you afford a data breach which typically results from a simple mistake? The very technology that your company relies on to conduct its business may also increase its vulnerability to costly electronic security threats. Cyber threats on businesses are increasingly common and are on the rise. In a 2013 survey, Symantec Corporation found that […]

Toys for Tots

Aronson Insurance recently donated an entire box for Toys for Tots, through one of our partners, ServiceMaster by Gilmore’s 13th Annual Toys for Tots Drive. The drive ran from October 28-December 6 and Aronson Insurance staff and friends donated new, unwrapped toys to help spread the holiday cheer to children across Massachusetts!

Winter Prep Tips For Your Home

Although we are only in mid-November, the temperatures have dropped and brrrrrrrr it’s cold out! While we can’t control the weather, we can minimize some of winters biggest threats to your home. While you likely don’t want to think about snow right now, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to reduce risk. Prior to […]

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know that the average cost per record of a data breach in the United States is $188, including direct costs (forensics, hotline support and credit monitoring) and indirect costs (loss of clients, employee time)? In today’s interconnected, digital world, every type of organization uses technology to collect and store data. And with new […]

October is National Cyber Security Month

Whether you’re a small business, municipality, technology company or a large publicly traded corporation, if an organization uses technology, it is at risk of a data breach or cyber attack.  In today’s interconnected, digital world, cyber threats continue to grow and represent a serious challenge to organizations of all sizes.  October is National Cyber Security […]

Don’t forget about insurance when sending your kid to college…

Insurance needs are often overlooked in the last-minute scramble to get your child ready for college. Here are a few things to consider: Auto Insurance: Is your child taking the car with them to school? If your child is not taking a car with them and will be attending a school that is more than […]

Heat Wave Safety

We are in the midst of another heatwave in Boston! Excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events, including floods. A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessive heat, generally 10 degrees or more above average, often combined with excessive humidity. Here are some tips from the American Red Cross: Listen […]

Planning a summer vacation?

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy life, but don’t forget about your home back home. Have you done anything to ensure your vacant home is safe from burglars? We’ve compiled some helpful suggestions to keep your home out of harms way, thanks to “Risk Conversation”: Make your home look as lived in as […]

Hurricane Season Is Here

The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane season officially starts Saturday, June 1 and will end on November 30. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted just thisweek that the 2013 hurricane season is expected to be especially active. According to the report, there is an estimated 70 percent chance or up to 20 severe storms occuring […]

Heat Wave: Stay Cool, Stay Safe, Stay Informed

With temperatures likely to set records this week and with oppressive humidity coming our way, it is vital to be smart and be safe.  The greatest threat with extreme temperatures is to the very young, the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. However, being active in hot and humid weather can also be dangerous […]

Terrorism Insurance Explained

The recent horrific events in Boston have brought about much talk of Terrorism Insurance, so we wanted to explain how it works: The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) was signed into law in November 2002 to create a federal “backstop” for insurance claims related to acts of terrorism, providing a transparent system of shared public […]

Steven Aronson Speaks at Anual ACORD LOMA Conference in Vegas

Steven Aronson spoke to the ACT Committee of the IIABA at the annual ACORD LOMA Conference at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He addressed the crowd on the topic of Change for insurance agencies – how to plan for successful adoption and implementation of change for Independent Insurance Agencies. His successful transformation of Aronson […]

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a national initiative aimed at getting motorists and motorcyclists to “share the road” with each other.” The initiative aims to encourage riders to always wear helmets and other protective gear, never drink alcohol and ride, be properly licensed, get training and purchase the right insurance coverage. Motorcycles are by their […]

Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe on the Road

Did you know that Memorial Day through Labor Day is the most dangerous time of the year for teens to be on the road?  Statistics show that over the past five years combined, an average of eight teens (aged 16-19) were killed in car accidents every single day during these months. “Immaturity and lack of […]

What will happen to all the snow? FLOOD INSURANCE!

NO MORE SNOW! By now we’ve seen our fair share of snow, but something we may not be thinking about is what happens when all of the snow melts? Did you know that flooding is the most common natural disaster in the US, yet many homeowners remain unprotected. Melting snow here in New England creates […]